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ETA Bike Insurance



At mycycleshop we are always looking for great partners to offer you some fantastic choices and savings. That's why we have teamed up with the ETA. We really like the values that the ETA stands for and we hope that you will too!



The ETA is a carbon-neutral provider of vehicle breakdown, bicycle and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned consumer


The Environmental Transport Association was established in 1990 as an ethical provider of green, reliable travel services. More than twenty years on, they continue to put concerns for our environment at the heart of everything they do.

In 1994 they founded a charity, the ETA trust, to campaign for a more sustainable, safe, and healthy transport future. For every cycle insurance policy, travel insurance policy and vehicle breakdown policy they sell, they make a donation to the ETA trust.

In 2002 they became a carbon-neutral company, and continually seek further ways to reduce our ecological impact. The ETA also assists their customers to offset the carbon emissions from their own lifestyles, and in doing so, fund vital projects to reduce environmental impacts around the globe.

Cycle Insurance

As an organisation, the ETA knows that cycling can have a hugely positive effect on public health, road safety and the environment. They do all they can to support its uptake by providing fully comprehensive insurance policies that replicate the level of cover that motorists have come to expect when they buy 'fully comp' car insurance.

Over the last 15 years, Their own team of cyclists has developed a cycle insurance policy to cater to novice and veteran cyclists alike. It's why they were the first organisation in Britain to develop a nationwide breakdown service for bikes and why it's included as standard in every cycle insurance policy they sell. Likewise, we think it's desirable for cyclists to be covered by third party insurance, so every policy comes with £1m of protection at no extra cost.  For more of what they offer cyclists, see here.

The ETA doesn't just sell cycle insurance; They celebrate life on two wheels. As part of their campaigning for better conditions for cyclists in Britain, they build custom bikes that make a point and generate national debate. If you haven't already seen the BOND bike or The Hornster, check out the links.

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What they cover

Bicycle insurance from the ETA costs as little as 40p per week and includes:

Cover for theft, accidental damage and vandalism (includes race events)

If your bike or any of its insured parts and accessories, is stolen, settlements are paid by cheque. If you damage your bicycle while riding (even if you are competing in a race event) your insurance from ETA will cover you for repairs. Similarly, if your bike should be vandalised they will pay to get it back on the road.

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New-for-old replacement – No devaluation

With cycle insurance from the ETA, your bike is not de-valued over time. You should cover your bike for the full replacement value – this is the price your bike and accessories would cost new in a shop including VAT.

Cycle Breakdown: breakdown cover for bikes

The ETA were the first to offer a recovery service for cyclists, included at no extra charge when you take out bike insurance. If you are unable to complete a journey due to a crash or mechanical failure, they will recover you and your bike from any road in Britain, with an average response time of 40 minutes. They will also take you and your cycle to a railway station, cycle repair shop, back to your car, home, or to alternative accommodation - whichever is nearer.

£1m Third Party insurance

If you injure someone or damage their property or vehicle while cycling, you may need to deal with a civil claim for compensation. ETA cycle insurance will pay out up to £1million if you find yourself being sued in this way. The 3rd party insurance covers the policy holder on ANY cycle that they have permission to ride.

This part of the insurance policy carries an excess of £250. Claims for theft, accidental damage and vandalism carry an excess of 5% (£25 minimum).

Personal Accident cover

Your cycle insurance policy from the ETA will pay out up to £20,000 if you are killed or seriously injured while cycling any bicycle.

Triathlon cover

Your bike is covered for theft, accidental damage and vandalism including during triathlon events. Furthermore, your bike is covered against theft when it is left in the transition area. The bike does not need to be locked while it is in the transition areas as long as the area is supervised by a marshal (which is usually the case).

Cycle touring insurance and travel cover

Whilst traveling in Europe (up to 90 day in a policy year), or worldwide (up to 60 days), you are covered theft, accidental damage and vandalism.  Their third party cover does not apply outside of Britain. If you are camping, you must ensure that your bike is locked to an immovable object (a sizeable tree would do) and is not left unattended for more than 12 hours.

Replacement Cycle Hire included

If your bicycle is stolen or off the road following a claim, they can reimburse you for cycle hire up to the value of £250. This cover is included as standard on every policy.

Insurance cover for electric bicycles, e-bikes and electric assist bikes

If your electric bicycle weighs less than 60kg and  has an output not exceeding 250w, please click here for a quote. If you have any questions please call 0333 000 1234.

Up to 40% no claims discount

Insurance cover for self-built and custom bicycles

If you have built a bicycle yourself or ride a custom bike, ETA will be happy to offer you cover based on a valuation from your local cycle shop. See  FAQs for more.

Low excess

Standard excess is 5% of claim value (£25 minimum). Third party claims (£1m third party cover) are subject to an excess of £250. Claims where a bicycle was left unattended in a public place between the hours of 01.00 and 04.00am are subject to a higher excess of 20%, or a minimum of £100.


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ETA Custom Bikes

The ETA have built a number of custom bikes over the years as a means of raising awareness of the dangers faced by cyclists.

The Bond Bike


The Hornster



Other Projects





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