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Brompton folding bikes was born out of the engiuity of it's founder Andrew Ritchie. Ritchie's basic prototypes soon began to take shape and through word of mouth the popularity of his bikes soon spread.

Realising that there was a market for folding bikes, Ritchie set out to produce his Brompton fold up bikes.

The rest is history as they say but over 20 years later, Brompton has become one of the largest bike manufacturers in the UK today.

It's quality in build and components set it apart from many of it's competitors.
With elegant design solutions, Brompton folding bikes continually pursue innovations and improvements for their bikes.

Always looking to skim weight off their folding bikes, Brompton recently introduced titanium parts on the frame, seat pillar and other sundry
componenets.This has made substantial improvements to the bike's overall weight. Also as a true commitment to their customers, Brompton design parts which can be retro fitted to older models. So if you already own a Brompton folding bike, it will never go out of date!

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Take a look at what Brompton folding bikes can offer you.