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  • How To Buy A Suitable Road Bike For The First Time

    31 January 2014

    You don't have to ride around on a bike that costs a few thousand pounds to make the most out of your favorite hobby. It's possible to find perfectly good road bikes for a few hundred dollars. It all depends on what you want to accomplish, though, and what your future goals for cycling are.

    Here's a brief guide to what you need to know about when buying a road bike for the first time.

    Comfort vs. Performance

    We aren't going to delve into all the different materials available to you. That could take up an entire book. Instead, we'll concentrate on the affects you want from your bike.  Do you value comfort of performance more?

    For example, steel frames are commonly associated with comfort. Lighter carbon frames make the bike feel as light as a feather, so you'll be enhancing your performance like never before.

    Watch the Wheels

    The wheels are also important due to the weight issue. Lighter wheels equal a much lighter bike because the wheels add more weight than you think to your overall setup. They also account for the rotating weight.

    The rotating weight will impact how easy it is to accelerate to a certain speed. In terms of performance, professionals will always opt for a bike that has strong yet light wheels. For a first timer, it's easier to simply ask your bike shop what they recommend.

    Added Features and Components

    The price of a bike really starts to add up when you start to mix and match components. This is how professionals get the most out of their bikes. In short, if you aren't preparing for a race, stick with a default set of components. You don't need to waste money on them at this stage in your cycling career.

    Test Drive

    Make sure the bike shop allows you to take a test drive of your bike around the block. The only way you can really understand how your bike feels is to ride it. Thankfully, the majority of bike shops will allow you to do this under close supervision.

    Choose two or three bikes in your price range and go with your gut. If you don't feel safe on your bike, choose another one. Most shops let customers try as many bikes as they like at no additional charge.

    Take note, a specialist bike shop will match the bike to your height and weight. The test drive will never feel as good as the bike after you've bought it. Simply choose the best one because it will be better after it's been outfitted to suit you.

    The Perfect Bike

    Your first road bike won't be the best bike you ever ride. It also won't have the same specs as a bike ridden by someone racing in the Tour de France. Get past the obsession with finding the perfect bike because you'll always find something wrong with it. Choose the bike that most suits you and just buy it. You'll adapt to your new bike after a few riding sessions.

    Today's guest post is submitted by Jack Stiles, a fitness enthusiast and an ardent blogger. he shares health and fitness tips through his articles. He says for more information about cycling exercises and routines visit - www.bikeattack.com.


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