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  • Bike GPS Computers - 7 Tips to Help You

    25 July 2014



    A GPS or Global Positioning System can act as your friend, philosopher and guide when you are outdoors. Not only does it help you reach your destination but it can also take you back to the place where you started off. Having a GPS computer enables you to go places even when you don't know the directions! It prevents you from getting lost and is indeed one of the best companions to have when travelling/commuting. While GPS computers are mostly found in cars, bike GPS computers also exist in abundance, therefore you don't need to have a car in order to use a GPS system!

    Bike GPS computers have taken the world by storm because it appeals to a whole new section of population: the bikers or cycle riders! These offer plenty of advantages when used correctly, therefore it is important to educate oneself about its usage. The following are the top 7 tips for bike GPS users which enable them to get the most out of their GPS computers:

    Tip #1: Always keep your bike GPS computer fully powered when not in use because it would ensure that the device has a full charge when you need to use it. Thus, you can plug in your bike GPS system to an AC charger outlet in your house for this purpose.

    Tip #2: If your cycle GPS system has not been turned on or used for quite some time then it is going to take some time for it to capture the necessary satellite signal for a targeted address or destination. Thus, it is advisable to turn it on the day before your travel date and have it connect to the satellite system a few times in advance to get it 'warmed up' and ready for the journey the next day!

    Tip #3: While most of the roads generally remain the same for decades on end, there are certain exceptions. New roads can be constructed and the old ones can be closed, therefore you should update the GPS' atlas on its memory card from time to time in order to have up-to-date maps and atlas. Don't rely on the GPS' claim to automatically update its atlas via satellite, sometimes it is necessary to give it a push!

    Tip #4: Before embarking on your journey, enter all the anticipated destinations into your cycle GPS. This way, you won't need to stop riding the cycle and looking up the bike GPS every now and then. Moreover, this helps you to be fully prepped for your adventure/journey!

    Tip #5: You should also update Firmware, which is the software embedded in the bike GPS system, from time to time. By maintaining this healthy habit you will be able to fix GPS system glitches and enable the same to operate more smoothly.

    Tip #6: If you want to make your cycle GPS more functional then you should download more POI or Points of Interest. This way, your GPS would not be lacking in destinations.

    Tip #7: If you are planning your trip on a computer then you can also consider sending custom maps from your PC to the bike GPS. This can be done through the "Send to GPS" button on Google Maps and MapQuest.

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