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  • Bike GPS Computers - 7 Tips to Help You

    25 July 2014



    A GPS or Global Positioning System can act as your friend, philosopher and guide when you are outdoors. Not only does it help you reach your destination but it can also take you back to the place where you started off. Having… Read More

  • Beat Stress With Cycling

    17 September 2012






    How Cycling Can Relieve You from Stress

    Stress is something that all of us are being exposed to on a daily… Read More

  • How To Buy A Suitable Road Bike For The First Time

    31 January 2014

    You don't have to ride around on a bike that costs a few thousand pounds to make the most out of your favorite hobby. It's possible to find perfectly good road bikes for a few hundred dollars. It all depends on what you want to accomplish, though, and what your future goals for cycling are.

    Here's a brief guide to what you need to know about when buying a road bike for the first time.

    Read More

  • Keep Cycling Through The Worst Of The Winter Weather

    22 November 2013

    Keep cycling through the worst of the winter weather

    For many people cycling is somewhat of a fair weather pursuit. The slightest splash of rain or chill in the air and they won't be on their bikes.  Cycling shouldn't just be for spring and… Read More

  • Keep Cycling Safe

    20 November 2013

    Keep safe cycling


    Cycling is great for your health, brings benefits to the planet and is also much more affordable than other means of transport. However, as recent events have shown us, cycling can also be very dangerous too. The incredibly tragic… Read More

  • The Evolution Of The Bicycle

    21 October 2013



    The humble bicycle might have been superseded by automotive transportation around the early years of the 20th century, but to this day millions of people around the world still choose to use them for transportation, entertainment, sport and leisure. Even though the bicycle has lasted for more than a hundred years though, it has changed… Read More

  • Parts Of The Bike To Be Cleaned: Checklist

    25 September 2013



    Photo Credit:… Read More

  • Top Tips To Keep Your Bike Safe This Year

    20 August 2013



    So the weather has been perfect this year to start to rack up the miles on your bike, and catch up with your friends on your rides. However it would appear that thieves are now starting to target cyclists and their bikes as a quick source of cash. Now if you are Sir Bradley Wiggins you can leave your… Read More

  • Fixies: How To Get The Perfect Look And Setup

    16 August 2013



    It’s no secret that fixed-gear bikes have leapt from their origins in messenger subculture to become one of the hottest trends of recent years. And with their smooth lines, elegant silhouettes and customisation-friendly designs, it’s no wonder that bike enthusiasts and… Read More

  • London Cyclists Urged To Get Bike Insurance

    07 August 2013



    As the BBC has reported, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has issued a warning urging cyclists in and… Read More


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