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Bike suspension is basically having some form of shock absorber fitted. There are two types of mountain bikes fitted with suspension. They are; hard tail (front shocks only) and full suspension (front and rear).

as well as offering the rider with more comfort, suspension bikes also make traversing rough terrain safer too. This is because the wheels remain in contact with the ground more often therefore allowing more control over the bike.

Front suspension forks have improved greatly over the past few years with longer suspension travel to cope with the toughest of terrain. Adjustable suspension is now becoming popular where the rider can alter the length of the travel to suit different types of ground and conditions.


When buying a new mountain bike, it's important to decide on what type of terrain you will be riding on. Many hard tail bikes will cope with harsh trails and indeed, plenty of seasoned riders will tell you that a good hard tail is equal to a full suspension bike. Only don’t expect it to be as comfortable.

It's really down to your own riding style and personal preference. It's also worth noting that generally a hard tail bike is lighter than its full suspension counterpart and therefore slightly easier to manoeuvre. Whichever style of bike you choose; you will find the latest suspension parts right here from the most respected retailers.