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I See 360 Deg MirrorBeing seen is one thing, but seeing around you is a different matter in traffic. Our discreet, lightweight mirror is optimised for commuter life. Our smart 360' horizontal / +-20' angle adjustment enables your field of vision to remain forward facing...
Universal 3 Inch X 2 Inch MirrorUniversal 3 inch x 2 inch MirrorChrome Finish.
Cateye Bm300g Bar End MirrorDesigned with the city cyclist in mind the Cateye BM300G Bar End Mirror offers the rider extra vision when negotiating even the busiest high street.
Dooback MirrorIdeal for leisure and city use, the Dooback is a folding mirrorLarge Mirror: Greater visibility at 90degMaterial: Unbreakable chrome plated plastic,Fixation: Bar end fitting (right version),Mirror: Convex,Size of Mirror: 40cm²,Rotation: Fully adjust...
Flexible Bar End MirrorFlexible Bar End Round MirrorLarge view convex mirrorUniversal FitmentMulti point adjustment.
Cateye Bm-500 Race MirrorThe Cateye BM500-Race Mirror is a Heavy duty design whilst remaining light and fully adjustable. The scratch resistant mirror has a wide angle for easy viewing and is easy to install.
Chrome 12 Inch Long Arm MirrorChrome 12 inch Long Arm Mirror
Cycle Aware Reflex Mirror Parts KitThe Reflect Mirror Parts Kit by Cycle Aware is an additional base and mirror for Reflex mirror. Perfect for mounting the reflex to a second helmet.
Round MirrorRound Chrome MirrorLarge view convex mirrorUniversal fitmentHandlebar mounted.
Zefal Doobak MirrorZefal Doobak Mirror is ideal for leisure and city riding with a universal bar end fitting.
Heads Up Cycling MirrorThe Heads Up eyewear mounted mirror requires little if any adjusting and installs in seconds. You'll feel good knowing you've chosen a 'safe for your face' mirror with no glass, exposed wire or sharp edges.Key Features:Bendable with no vibrationRemov...
Fastflash Deluxe Universal Convex MirrorCycling’s first universal mirror.Key Features:Patent pending steadfast quick-release design installs and removes in seconds, no tools necessaryUnique Versalink compound pivot design offers unlimited angle adjustmentsMiddle pivot link is removable t...
Zefal Spin MirrorZefal Spin Mirror is the ultimate in fold away practicality, it fits inside the bar end on either side of the handlebar, folds away when not needed and has plenty of adjustment to obtain the right viewing angle. Retractable handle-bar-end-mirror Idea...
Zefal Spy MirrorZefal Spy Mirror is constructed of unbreakable chrome plated ABS plastic and fits to any handlebar larger than 22mm in diameter without the need for any tools.
Zefal Z-eye MirrorZefal Z-Eye Mirror provides discrete safety whichever direction you're looking in, the convex Z Eye mirror attaches to any helmet quickly and easily. It has multiple rotational and longitudinal adjustments. Constructed of unbreakable chrome plated AB...
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Many people fail to appreciate the importance of having a bike mirror. A bike mirror is not a simple accessory, but it is actually a safety feature. It will help you a great deal as you will be more aware of your surroundings, especially when riding in heavy traffic. A bike mirror can help you ride more safely and help to prevent accidents. You will be better able to see cars driving too close to you, and you will know what is happening behind you. A bike mirror can also help you change lanes more safely. Thus, you will be able to anticipate others' actions and control your bike better.



There are a number of different bike mirrors to choose from. These include helmet mirrors, handlebar mirrors and glasses mirrors. Let us outline these different bike mirrors, and their respective pros and cons, so that you will be better able to choose the best bike mirror for you. Different people have varying riding needs and preferences, and the mirror's design and mount will affect these.



A Handlebar mirror fits at the end of the bike's handle bar. The main advantage of this type of mirror is that it provides  good visibility. However, it is more prone to vibrations and can be easily knocked off. Besides which, the bike will end up getting wider because of the mirror protruding outwards.



Helmet mounted mirrors are attached to your helmet. This type of mirror is very stable, and many people choose it because of this factor. However there are also some disadvantages, such as the fact that the adhesive may stop adhering after some time, and the clamp may easily crack.



The Eyeglass mirrors are also considered to be among the best since they will provide a stable and eye-level view. They are easy to attach and to adjust. The main disadvantage with these kinds of mirrors is the fact that many people are concerned that the mirror may hurt their face in case of a crash.



It is best to choose a relatively small and lightweight mirror. The mirror should provide enough visibility, and be compliant with safety standards. It should be removed easily and have no sharp edges. Make sure to check different bike mirrors and read reviews. MyCycleShop has a great range of mirrors supplied by the most reputable retailers so you can be confident of finding a good quality product at a great price!