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 In 1979, at a park in Southern California, a group of people decided to form an organization of bikers who would perform different exhibitions and stunts at the ramps using their BMX bikes. This very first founding organization of freestyle BMX bikers marked the start of the great recreation and sport of BMX biking. From then on the demand for BMX grew. In 1982, the American Freestyle Association declared freestyle BMX as a sport. More and more companies produced BMX bikes. One of the many popular brands of this bike is Stolen. Stolen BMX bikes were founded by Anthony Revell in 2001. It became an official company the following year. Revell was considered to be an outstanding rider and a champion in BMX. Because of his love for the sport, he decided to create a brand of his own, and indeed he was able to successfully create Stolen BMX bikes. Today, Stolen supplies bikes, parts, and accessories around the globe.

What gives Stolen BMX bikes the edge? Stolen are the only bikes you can have which offer complete quality along with the frame you have always dreamed of and at a price that is very affordable. Most companies would only focus on the frame and nothing else. This is not something you can see with Stolen BMX bikes. In addition, Stolen bikes feature the great Sinner model, a personal favourite of the owner himself. The company is proud of the many accessories they offer. Instead of purchasing a brand new complete BMX bike, you can choose to buy a customized bike that is more suited to your own demands and personality. You are able to buy the accessories to make it excellent and really competitive.

Being a company that has many great competitors in the market, Stolen are able to stand out among the rest because of their complete quality bikes and outstanding frames at prices that are affordable. According to the co-owner, Stolen will be introducing a lot of new features to the public. They are offering a brand new headset, hub set, wedge stem, grips, chainring, and thermalite pedals.

In terms of warranties, the frames come with a one year warranty and a lifetime warranty on their cranks. Customer support is one of the main priority services in Stolen to ensure all their clients can be accommodated. So take a look through the great range of Stolen bikes at MyCycleShop to see which of the great Stolen bikes for sale and accessories will become your next dream BMX.

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