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The American manufacturer GT bicycles is renowned for its great range of mountain, road and BMX bikes.

Formed in 1979 by Gary Turner and Richard Long GT bicycles fostered some great young BMX talent such as Eddie Roman and Mark Eaton and inspired a whole generation of riders to define themselves and the sport.

The GT BMX bikes brand is  legendary in the history of the sport. They helped shape the future of BMX freestyle and produced some of the finest freestyle bikes in their Performer and World Tour models.

GT mountain bikes are recognisable by their "triple Triangle frame. Introduced 24 years ago, the frame design helped improve acceleration and reduce frame flexing with increased durability. This frame design gained notoriety when GT mountain bikes won the Mountain bike world championship in both the X/C and downhill.

The current range of 2011 GT bikes offer something for everyone from iconic BMX, Rugged Mountain bikes through to sleek and elegant road bikes.

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