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Fit Bike Co Og GripThe Fit Bike Co OG Grip is a Fit Bike Co classic that's as popular now as the day it came out.
Fit Bike Co Eddie Cleveland GripThe Fit Bike Co Eddie Cleveland Grip, Designed by Eddie Cleveland with a small diameter and grippy feel.
Fit Bike Co Mac GripThe Fit Bike Co Mac Grip has been designed by Shawn McIntosh with a nice diameter and soft feel. Extra soft and denser design to help your hands feel great when taking big drops or just riding all day. Features a easy cut-away flange groove and match...
Fit Bike Co Benny GripThe Fit Benny Grip is Ben Lewis' new signature pair of rubbers. Just as Benny specified this thing is "soft, sticky and long... which is all I care about.".
Fit Bike Co Og Steel Peg (Soiled)Fit Bike Co OG Steel Peg (Soiled). This item is ex-display, ex-demo or soiled. Soiled items are items that have imperfections or have suffered wear during the course of sale here at Evans Cycles. They include ex-display, ex-demo items, items that hav...
Fit Bike Co Og Steel PegThe Fit Bike Co OG Steel Peg, "These new pegs are soooo slick. Perfect size to fit the drop out. And they last FOREVER!!!" - Shawn McIntosh.
Fit Bike Co Mac Pc Plastic PedalFit Bike Co Mac PC Plastic Pedal. Some set-ups are just better or more fun with plastic pedals, so Shawn wanted the option of riding his shape in plastic. Over a year later, with development complete and final samples on his bike Shawn says, "Best pl...
Fit Bike Co Faf TyreThe Fit Bike Co FAF Tyre features a great all round tread with the 2.25'' version featuring a more aggressive tread than the others i.e deeper groves and the 2.3'' with a shallower street style tread. The tyres also features a punture and tyre resist...
Fit Bike Co Faf Night Vision Bmx TyreThis is the Fit Bike Co FAF Night Vision BMX Tyre. Ride everything with this wide and solid BMX tyre. Both Evans BMX and Fit Bike Co are proud to introduce their latest spin on their infamous FAF tyre. For 2013, the guys over at Fit decided to add th...
Fit Bike Co T/a TyreThe Fit Bike Co T/A Tyre is a tacky tire with thick tread to keep you gripped to the ground, but smooth sidewalls to keep you from sticking to rails and ledges.
Fit Bike Co Benny L Front Load StemThe Fit Bike Co Benny L Front Load Stem is made from a cold forged T6 aluminium with a hollow body and top cap and Grade 8 Allen head hardware is a great front loading stem with smooth lines and a overall sweet look, but don't take it from us, lets s...
Fit Bike Co Mac Unsealed PedalThe Fit Bike Co Mac Unsealed Pedal features a CrMo spindle that is oversized for strength and accepts a 17mm or 15mm wrench as well as a 6mm Allen wrench. The ergonomic shape is designed to grip your foot better than traditional pedal shapes while ge...
Fit Bike Co 24mm Indent Crank BearingsThe Fit Bike Co 24mm Indent Crank Bearings are a strong R-12 bearing. Fits 24mm spindle only, compatible with press fit Mid frames.
Fit Bike Co Sky High Bar (Ex Display)Fit Bike Co Sky High Bar (Ex Display). This is an ex display BMX handle bar which has some cosmetic marks. Ex-Display & Soiled parts, accessories and clothing are items that have imperfections or have suffered wear during the course of sale here at E...
Fit Bike Co 24mm Key Spline Drive SprocketFit Bike Co 24mm Key Spline Drive Sprocket. The benefits of 24mm cranks are undeniable. With more brands starting to copy our 3PC 24mm design, the demand for 48-spline drive sprockets is starting to grow. And with the introduction of our new lighter ...
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Fit Bike Co is an exciting brand offering a great range of BMX bikes, accessories and apparel.

Having fun riding on any type of terrain has been the big philosophy of the Fit Bike Co since day one. Designed to stand up to the toughest challenges and tested by some of the world's top riders, you can be sure that Fit Bike Co bikes will deliver when it counts.

The range of Fit Bike Co BMX bikes offers quality components with proven technologies to produce the range of bikes that makes more sense to today's riders.

Here at you will find the Fit Bike Co 2011 bikes from the best retailers along with great accessories.

Take a look at the great Fit Bike Co bikes in action.


Fit Shop Stop - NorCal from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.