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Creme cycles offer something a little different. With their ever popular creme cafe bikes for sale and the creme Glider and vinyl models. they offer high quality materials, details and craftsmanship that simply isn't found in many
mass produced bikes.

Creme cycles were pioneers in  downhill racing and were distributing parts during the early days of mountain biking. They were also one of the first to offer highly styled single speed bikes when 21 gears were a standard.

Creme cycles have a simple philosophy. They wanted their bikes to be "simple and accessible but at the same time I have to be a form of art"

Looking at their current range of bikes it seems that they have achieved this with great aplomb.

The ever popular cafe racer bikes are made to last and unlike many mass produced bikes, they will not develop rattles. This really makes them a fantastic choice for commuter and recreational cyclists as they give great reliability and style.

Each one is made with an attention to detail rarely seen these days and it becomes a small work of art.