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BeOne is a well-known bike company based in the Netherlands. They have several products including mountain bikes, frames, cyclocross bikes, road, etc.


The innovation behind the BeOne technology is sensational to say the least and was backed by a team of skilled experts. For sports and racing, they use frames made of carbon. They utilize the best technology and skills to come up with top quality products. BeOne's philosophy is that they want their riders to have full confidence when riding their bikes.


One of the technologies that they have utilized to make their bikes is premium carbon fibre which is unidirectional. This has promoted superior handling, lowest weight and rigidity. The design in the carbon fibre has seen their bikes exhibit low weight construction and unique strength balance.


In order to ensure that the rider puts effort towards the forward motion only, there is a twin section which has been created within the double chamber. This is internally constructed with carbon fibre. This way the energy is only directed towards the motion.


In order to achieve a perfect balance output, the frames have forks specifically designed for them. Maximum power is transmitted from the bottom of the chain through the use of a BB shell that is oversized. Additionally, all the Be One bikes are constructed using aluminium alloy that is of a high grade.


Their mountain bikes are in two categories: aluminium and carbon. An example of the carbon mountain bikes include: bronze, pearl, raw xtr, and raw sram xx. An example of the aluminium bikes includes: kosmos, spirit, aspire, chakra, karma and karma beach ltd.


Every bike has its own specifications which are easy to understand. Some of the specifications for the bikes include the fork, frame, size, saddle, etc. If you are interested in mountain bikes, you are sure to find a good selection once you start browsing through the BeOne selection of this website.


The bikes come in sleek colours which make them appealing. The bikes are not only built for technical excellence, they are also built to be aesthetically pleasing. This is why they look great when being ridden by anyone on the road.